carwow Staffers Smitten by Striking 2017 Ford Mustang

When it comes to the 2017 Mustang, our superstar sports car, we here at Ford of Uniontown often find ourselves tongue-tied. The appeal of such a vehicle, as it turns out, can be a difficult thing to synopsize.

So, instead, we'd like to enlist the help of carwow commentator Mat Watson. Check out his critique of the Mustang in the clip below:

At the pinnacle of the Mustang trim totem pole is where you'll discover the beefcake of the bunch, the asphalt-assaulting GT.

Standard features on this model include a ferocious, 435-horsepower V8 engine, upgraded brakes, electronic line-lock (used "to enable warming of the rear tires," according to Ford) and, on manual-equipped versions only, launch control.

So, what's the delay, loyal reader? The time is now to experience the splendor of this speedster. As such, we invite you to pop by our Uniontown, PA facility, whereupon we'll gladly arrange a test drive in the Mustang, or any other Ford model that's commanded your curiosity.

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