Headlight Maintenance Tips

Headlights need to be checked and maintained regularly. Sometimes a headlight will become cloudy or foggy. You may be able to clear it up, or it may be time for a new headlight. Headlight bulbs burn out, and there are many choices of replacement bulbs available today.

If a headlamp bulb has burned out, it can be replaced with a LED or a halogen. When replacing one headlight bulb, it is common practice to replace the other side too.

Headlights that become foggy might be able to be restored with special buffing solutions. Headlights get cloudy because of exposure to the sun and other elements overtime.If the lens is cracked or shattered, the whole headlight fixture needs to be replaced. Replacing a headlight might require a socket set, wrench, or screwdrivers.

If you need help to pick out a new headlight or replace it contact our service department here at Ford of Uniontown in Uniontown, PA and we would be glad to help.

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