The Ford F-150 Offers Gas and Diesel Engines

Carrying a tremendous heritage in light-duty performance, the Ford F-150 is a versatile pickup truck that's available in multiple cabin sizes. Under the hood, this hard-working pickup truck offers several turbocharged engines that are compatible with diesel or gasoline.

An all-new diesel engine with the Power Stroke technology is available for the Ford F-150. This turbocharged powertrain produces up to 440 pound-feet of torque at a low RPM rating of just 1,750. You can tow more than 11,000 pounds with the powerful diesel engine that's tuned for tough duties. Additionally, the F-150 model offers multiple turbo engines that run on unleaded gasoline. The EcoBoost technology is engineered to optimize horsepower and torque under demanding conditions.

Ford of Uniontown sells Ford pickup trucks to customers in the Uniontown, PA area. Come over to our dealership to check out the class-leading performance of the Ford F-150, which is available in seven editions.

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