The Ford Ranger Is Ready for Off-Road Adventures

If you are interested in owning a mid-sized truck that has good off-road capabilities, you need to check out the Ford Ranger available at Ford of Uniontown located in Uniontown, PA. These trucks are the right size for commuting, and they have enough ruggedness and durability for adventure off the beaten path.

The Ford Ranger 4x4 offers electronic, shift-on-the-fly capability. All you have to do to go from two to four-wheel drive is turn a switch in the cab. You can switch to four high for driving on wet and slick pavement. Use four low for going off-road in rugged terrain.

The Ford Ranger also has the terrain management feature. This feature allows you to select drive modes based on the terrain on which you will be traveling. Normal, grass, snow and sand are a few possible selections. The system controls the engine and the gearing based upon the particular mode that you select.

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