Fast and Smooth Driving with the 2018 Ford Fusion

Driving a midsize sedan does not mean you have to drive a boring car. The 2018 Ford Fusion, one of the most popular midsize sedans, has some performance features that would make a sports car jealous, and definitely won't leave you bored.

The V6 Sport version of the new Ford Fusion comes with a 2.7l turbocharged Ecoboost motor that pumps out an impressive 325hp and 380lbs of torque. That means a lot of speed and a lot of acceleration. With standard AWD, the Fusion also handles incredibly well, ensuring that all of that power stays safely planted on the roadway. Combined with a cutting-edge suspension designed to mitigate potholes and keep you stable through turns, and you have a serious drivers car.

There are a few other models of the 2018 Ford Fusion available to test drive as well. When you are ready to try out one of the most exciting and powerful midsize sedans on the market, stop by our showroom here at Ford of Uniontown in Uniontown, PA. We know you will enjoy the ride.

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